The fate of the world
lies in the choices of a brave few . . .

Welcome to Thunder Rift, Valley of Adventure!

Thunder Rift is a small isolated valley, named after the characteristic thunderous roar that can sometimes be heard throughout the valley. Despite its small size, Thunder Rift is home to a wide range of peoples and creatures and has a rich history, full of wonders, glory, conflicts, violence and tragedy. However, no one inside the valley knows of any way out of the valley. Adventurers tell tales of strange mists which overtake parties trying to find a way through the high mountains and children grow up on stories which caution certain death for those who attempt passage. The last know newcomers, were the Humans who arrived thousands of years ago.

Into the Rift were born our heroes: imperfect, undirected, untested but brave. Can they restore the glory of the Quadrial and secure a future of prosperity for the good residents of Thunder Rift? Or will they succumb to the temptations of evil and enslave their fellow denizens, striking fear into the hearts of creatures good and ill? Perhaps they will simply pass through, unnoticed and vanquished by the darkness with their names all but forgotten just as so many other would be heroes?

Their fates lie in their hands . . .

Spring in Thunder Rift is a kid oriented Dungeons & Dragons game set in TSR’s Thunder Rift Campaign Setting using Classic D&D (RC/Black Box) rules. What is Classic D&D? It is a version of Dungeons & Dragons published between roughly 1981 and 1995 which some people call Basic. There were numerous additions and revisions but the system was designed for easy game play.

Spring in Thunder Rift